MizEnScen Illustrates Skeletal Torsos Worthy of Exhibits

 - Feb 10, 2012
References: society6 & urhajos.tumblr
Normally, people find skeletal artwork difficult to look at because it confronts them with their fears of death, but MizEnScen renders such spectacular skeletal rib cages that I am sure viewers will have a difficult time looking away. Depicting bone torsos with angelic wings, stuffed with flowers or even appearing on x-rayed female subjects, MizEnScen demonstrates his outside-the-box thinking to produce visuals eyes can’t help but gravitate towards.

MizEnScen’s other artworks, which includes a series dedicated to ghostly brides, similarly takes imagery that would normally turn viewers off and makes it accessible through sheer artistic flair. His penchant for stuffing human body parts with vibrantly colored roses extends to skulls and even an anatomically correct heart.