Artist Mitch Griffiths is Inspired by Pop Culture and Old Masters

 - Aug 13, 2013
References: mitchgriffiths & beautifuldecay
The work of Mitch Griffiths is quite jarring. It takes the style of Old Masters and juxtaposes it with contemporary subject matter such as drug use, celebrity and more. Yet in a way, it still adheres to the vision set forth by such classical painters. Mitch Griffiths addresses similar issues that plagued the past, but that have simply been altered due to the advancement of modern society.

According to his website, Mitch Griffiths' "main subject is the transient and throwaway nature of contemporary culture, which is held in stark contrast to the permanence and indelibility of oil paint on canvas." By dealing with such tough topics as addictions, greed, vanity and more, Mitch Griffiths shows just how little the world has really changed.