Narcissus is a Mirror Top Desk That's Ideal for Gazing at Yourself

 - Jul 26, 2014
References: meetsebastian & mocoloco
Sebastian Errazuriz' 'Narcissus' mirror top desk is a modified version of a French furniture piece from the 1880s that's better suited to staring longingly at yourself.

In addition to adding a mirrored surface to the top of the desk, Errazuriz cut a semi-circle out of the desk, making an indentation so that narcissists can get up close and personal to the looking glass surface. For the creation of this piece, Errazuriz took inspiration from our narcissistic, selfie-taking, image-obsessed culture. He describes: "I believe today we are becoming like Narcissus; so obsessed with our own perfectly edited online self that we forget to be aware of the real 'me' outside the screen." When sitting at the desk, a person appears like a character on a playing card, totally surrounded by themselves.