The Mirror House by Ekkehard Alteburger is Narcissistic

 - Jun 7, 2012
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The Mirror House by Ekkehard Alteburger is a stunning architectural achievement. This architectural endeavor was produced by Alterburger while a student at Edinburgh College of Art in 1996 and created as part of an art exhibition taking place on Scotland's Isle of Tyree. This temporary installation has an optically illusion appeal to it that draws the viewer closer in awe and confusion.

The reflective surface-clad residence was constructed using over-sized mirror sheets that were then fastened on to a skeletal steel frame. This structure was installed on a shallow lake in Isle of Tyree; this surreal structure that appears to be floating on the water's surface gently reflects the tide of the Atlantic Ocean.

Although this structure is no longer standing, the photographs that capture the Mirror House are still breathtakingly bewitching.