This Minimalist Phone Give You Basic Functions with a Sleek Design

 - Sep 12, 2015
References: & yankodesign
This minimalist phone features a deconstructed cell phone with basic functionality that will last you for weeks on one charge. Smartphones today are riddled with LCD/LED displays and dazzling functionality -- this company looks to strip down the phone to its most basic elements.

Without sacrificing design, the 'Luna Phone' -- designed by Jorge Arbelo Cabrera -- takes away the unnecessary elements of the phone and features a control panel and a basic display. The display is very simple, yet visually mesmerizing. The phone features a touch pad for functionality that is very different from conventional ways to control a smart device.

As a result of its deconstruction, the minimalist phone doesn't feature a camera or HD display making it a very slim unit. Also, a byproduct of minimalist features -- the battery has the ability to run up to a matter of weeks on a single charge.