Subway's Minimalist Branding Campaign Turned Food into Art

 - Nov 14, 2017
References: subway & psfk
Subway is reintroducing itself to consumers with a minimalist branding campaign, after partnering with the creative agency Turner Duckworth.

The partnership aimed to create a new "visual identification system" in which consumers could effectively recognize the restaurant chain without visual branding cues, like a logo. The images focus on Subway's ingredients and include artful photographs of lettuce, meatballs, onions or avocados. Using colorful imagery and creative direction, the new campaign transformed said ingredients into art pieces, resulting in lettuce shredded in the shape of earth's continents, a meatball representing Saturn with onions serving as its rings and Swiss cheese appearing as a book.

The colorful personality of this campaign enables Subway to connect with its consumers, while demonstrating the freshness of its ingredients.