The Mini Book of Major Events Illustrates Pivotal Moments on Earth

 - May 14, 2014
References: artandsuchevan & thisiscolossal
You would think with 4.54 billion years behind us, the history of the world would be too big to fit in the palm of your hand. But illustrator Evan Lorenzen has accomplished this feat with his Mini Book of Major Events. The nickel sized book only has a few pages and lots of pictures, so even the laziest history student could get through it.

The mini book contains events from the beginning of life on Earth to the invention of electricity. He also included first contact with aliens, so he might be including some guestimates as well. The extremely tiny handmade book is not Lorenzen's only miniature publishing experience. More of his little hand-bound books can be found on his website and tumblr.