Milenio by 1800 Tequila Has Notes of Cinnamon, Vanilla and Cognac

 - Nov 6, 2014
References: 1800tequila & coolhunting
1800 Tequila's premium Milenio was first introduced back in the year 2000, but earlier this year, it was reintroduced again as part of a special second edition. What makes this tequila so coveted is the process of how it comes to be, which includes aging Fine Blue Weber Agave in oak cognac barrels. When drinking, these notes of cognac come through in the tequila, blending wither other flavors like vanilla and cinnamon.

The tequila's coloring is reminiscent of a cognac as well, reminding that this drink can also stand on its own quite well. The spirit was released in the spring and is ideal for those who like tequila and have a sense of adventure.