Mikhail Bopposov Rings in a the Chinese New Year with Cow Dung

 - Jan 15, 2013
References: en.rian.ru & neatorama
Mikhail Bopposov has decided to ring in the Chinese New Year, which happens to be the Year of the Snake, in as creatively unexpected a way as possible. Using a pile of dung, he sculpted a giant cobra snake. Interestingly, and quite disgustingly, the snake resembles a large dumb, as though a giant decided to squat down in the middle of Siberia, where Mikhail Bopposov sculpted the cobra.

Like many of those living in the Yolba-ites community, Mikhail Bopposov, who is a building manager at the village school during the day, moonlights as a cattle herder. His 17 cows provided enough of the fecal matter to create the impressive snake sculpture.

Due to the frigid Siberian winter weather, the cow dung used for Mikhail Bopposov's unique work of art is frozen solid.