Mike Napolitan Uses LEGO to Parody Memorable Superhero Art

 - May 14, 2012
References: heyoscarwilde.tumblr & flickr
People on YouTube have been using LEGO blocks to recreate movie scenes for several years now, so it isn’t surprising to see these comic book cover reproductions by Mike Napolitan. What is impressive, however, is that Napolitan doesn’t use the popular children’s toy at all in making these images; he actually uses computer-generated 3D models. This allows his LEGO characters to contort in ways that aren’t possible with standard blocks, making the talented artist's work much more faithful to the original comic covers.

Mike Napolitan’s Flickr page is comprised of numerous LEGO parodies involving anything from Marvel Comics superheroes to G.I. Joe characters. He also has many crossover images featuring people from different franchises interacting with one another whilst still retaining this LEGO-obsessed look.