The New Mika 'Popular Song' Video is Fearfully Fun

 - May 8, 2013
References: imageamplified
Singer/songwriter Mika is known for his quirky, bubble-gum pop numbers that you can’t help singing along to.

In his new single ‘Popular Song,’ Mika teamed up with 19 year-old Ariana Grande to produce another catchy tune, but with a twist. His usual fun and upbeat melody is now paired with a dark, gothic-inspired video that depicts mayhem, murder and revenge. Mika and Grande play two high-schoolers, who after years of torment decide to get even with their bullies by inviting them over for a seemingly innocent dinner party. During the party, the two vengeful teens poison their tormentors, turning them to stone and smashing them.

The video features dark Tim Burton-esque costumes and settings, and features a hook from the Broadway musical ‘Wicked.’ If you’re a fan, you’ll be able to recognize the tune of the chorus.

The flawless mixture of gothic, musical theatre and pop elements make for an offbeat but fun video from the unstoppable duo.