Microsoft's Ballmer Blames Poor Vista Sales On Piracy

 - Feb 20, 2007   Updated: Apr 21 2011
References: crunchgear
It looks like Vista sales are falling short of expectations, and Microsoft is blaming pirates... er... maybe it's because nobody's using Vista at all! Arrghh!

Implications - Piracy can be a convenient excuse for a company when their digital product doesn't perform as well as they had hoped, but it can also be a distracting scapegoat that obfuscates more tangible problems with the product itself. By resisting the temptation to divert blame to the consumer, companies like Microsoft can instead use opportunities such as an under-performing product in order to rigorously re-examine their own methodology. More often than not, they will find that committing to making a better product, rather than looking to lay blame elsewhere, is ultimately far more rewarding in the business world.