Microsoft Zune (UPDATE)

 - May 6, 2008
We all know people are downloading music at record rates, but did you know that about 60% of music acquired last year was not paid for? That includes CDs as well as downloads. That's incredible.

People want convenience more than they are frugal. That's why Zune is offering an all-in-one digital entertainment system with one-stop-shopping for any type of media people might want.

The Microsoft-owned company recently enhanced and updated their community features. My favourite part is the Zune Card which lets you check out what music your friends are listening to through real-time feeds. You can add those full tracks to your collection and plunk them on your own Zune device! Now if they were really smart, they'd realize people copy each other's music anyway, so instead of fighting it, then let friends share music for free!

Like the iPod, the Zune is a small portable media player, and like iTunes, they offer online music and video stores. That includes music videos, TV shoes and video podcasts. The Zune Pass is an online music community that gives subscribers access to millions of tracks for $14.99 -- that's as cheap as buying a single CD -- a month.

Here's the press release: