Helen Nodding Uses Nooks and Crannies to Make ‘Secret Worlds'

 - Jun 16, 2009   Updated: May 26 2011
References: storiesfromspace & apartmenttherapy
Every nook and cranny can be utilized in an artistic way and Helen Nodding exemplifies this sentiment with her “Secret Worlds” work.

Have a look at the gallery above to see the painstakingly tiny details that Helen Nodding puts into her microscopic villages living in the cracks of old brick walls.

You'll be paying much more attention to detail after admiring Nodding's work.

Implications - With society moving at an incredible rate, it becomes difficult to appreciate the small things in life. When taking a break from busy, everyday life, many individuals are looking for beauty in the smaller spheres that they would otherwise ignore. Industry professionals should consider ways to highlight the more minuscule aspects of civilization to provide consumers with subjects and spaces they rarely have time to identify.