Pabst Blue Ribbon is Opening a Microbrewery and Tasting Room

 - Aug 17, 2015
References: jsonline & ibtimes
Pabst Blue Ribbon recently announced plans to open a new microbrewery and tasting room in downtown Milwaukee. With the growing popularity of craft beer, many large brewers have recognized the need to directly engage younger consumers in order to draw them in. Interactive events such as taverns and brewery tours are just some of the ways that Pabst hopes to engage Millennial consumers.

The new microbrewery and tasting room will be housed inside a former church in the city where the iconic brand began brewing 171 years ago. Beyond the interactive brewery tours, Pabst also plans to open a tavern and tasting room where guests can sample some of the brand's different beer varieties. The idea is to offer consumers experimental interactions that will appeal to beer enthusiasts.

The interactive brewery demonstrates a growing shift among larger beer brands to establish venues that sell beer directly to consumers.