Michael Wolf Photographs Living Spaces in Hong Kong to Adress the Issues

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: enpundit & craftgawker
Hong Kong is one of the largest cities on the planet and this has lead to a serious decrease in living conditions for many residents, which is an issues that Michael Wolf captures with this collection of shots done for the Society for Community Organization (SoCo).

The shots are a birds-eye view of living quarters and help to really put into perspective just how little space inhabitants of Hong Kong have all to themselves. Called 'cubicle apartments', SoCo claims that over 100,000 people live in spaces this size and that there are even some apartments a mere 40 square feet in size that have been divided into two or more units.

The ad series is shocking, to say the least, and really hits home that overpopulation and lack of resources is an issues that needs to be addressed ASAP.