Mia Araujo Creates Magical Worlds Full of Narrative and Lore

Mia Araujo doesn't just paint beautiful portraits, she creates entire stories and worlds through her artwork. The Los Angeles-based artist specializes in themes that revolve around magic and the mystical, especially in regards to the forest.

Many legends, mythologies and folklore envision forests as areas in which fantastical creatures and beings would gather to practice magic rituals. Many times the forest could be a dark and foreboding place, inhabited by dangerous spirits and monsters. Other times the woods would be a place where mystics and healers could gather and practice their art.

Mia Araujo's artwork centers around a central female figure with surrounding illustrations alluding to that character's history and environment. Faces, characters and symbols fill the painting in order to create a sense of narrative and lore. The abundance of characters complements the piece's overarching theme beautifully, making something that is both coherent and inviting.