Mezzmer Uncovers What Your Mobile Device is Doing to Your Body

 - Dec 30, 2011
References: mezzmer & holykaw.alltop
The inquiring minds are Mezzmer explore the adverse effects of cell phone use in the chilling infographic entitled 'Are Mobile Devices Destroying Your Body?'

Over the past decade, cell phone use has gone through the roof. It's hard to imagine not having your trusty chatty companion by your side at all times or fixed to your ear several times a day. Cell phones are a great way to keep in touch and a more instantaneous way to conduct business, but it's important to consider what negative effects this hip-side communicator could have on overall your health.

According to the Mezzmer infographic, cell phones and other mobile devices can contribute to poor eyesight, posture and sleep patterns. Although, the infographic does cover the fairly obvious problem of impaired driving due to the use of mobile devices while in transit, it also sheds a little light on lesser known hazards of cell phone use.

Sure to make you think twice before unholstering your cell phone, the Mezzmer 'Are Mobile Devices Destroying Your Body?' infographic presents a terrifying prospect to transient chatty Cathys.