Mezamero Depicts Women with Fiery Glowing Glares

These Mezamero illustrations should not be viewed during the night. After all, seeing frail-looking women with ebony skin and fiery glowing eyes is quite a frightful sight for those unprepared, superstitious or squeamish by nature. If you can get past your fear of the macabre, however, you’ll discover wonderful images that are exemplary of great aesthetic style and solid technical skills. It’s for that reason that Mezamero has racked up nearly half a million views on her deviantART page.

Mezamero, whose real name is Viktoria, is a Russian illustrator specializing in gritty anime-esque drawings. She incorporates elements of realism into her work while still mostly adhering to the doe-eyed, pixie nose look of Japanese art. She creates these fantasy portraits using digital tools.