This Metal Dinosaur Mashes Prehistoric and Futuristic

 - Jul 6, 2013
References: pasquaphilippe & mymodernmet
Dominating the shore of the Seine River in Paris, the 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' by artist Phililppe Pasqu a is a metal dinosaur that terrifies pedestrians from its high perch. The life-sized dinosaur sculpture combines prehistoric and futuristic with its shiny aluminum finish. Glittering under the sun, the sculpture is four meters tall and stretches an amazing seven meters.

The giant silver beast is perched precariously on La Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches's platform. Charlotte Bruel-Matovic commissioned the sculpture in order to advance modern art by the Seine.

Pasqua completed the sculpture by putting together 350 sculpted bones. He based the extremely realistic dinosaur anatomy off a real specimen discovered in China. Other than the chrome coating, the sculpture is a fairly accurate representation of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.