These Met Mangindaan Caricatures are Funny and Absurd

Jakarta, Indonesia-based illustrator and graphic designer recently drew up a series of caricatures that take familiar characters from contemporary pop culture and contort them into disproportionate yet recognizable renderings.

From Professor Alan Rickman as Professor Snape to Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, Mangindaan doesn't miss a beat. The subjects of these illustrations give them an added bit of levity. Caricatures are usually amusing when they're of someone one knows; when they aim to poke fun at fictional figures it's all the more funny because they were never real people to begin with.

In a sense, Met Mangindaan's drawings are satirical. They take fundamental expressions of various fictional characters -- Snape's morose severity, for instance -- and exaggerate such expressions to the point of absurdity and humor.