The Messizon Smartphone Has a Tactile Surface to Enhance Interaction

 - Dec 12, 2013
At the moment, you've got your BlackBerry users and your touchscreen enthusiasts who, respectively, tend to have stronger preferences for or against tangible interfaces. The Messizon Smartphone is an innovative mobile phone idea that would offer the best of both worlds.

The intriguing smartphone concept is the perfect size to fit inside your palm, and you can even stick your thumb through the open dial at the bottom to maintain a better grip of the sleek handset. Get even more comfortable with the feel of your device by enabling the raised surface function. The part-LCD display can protrude into the third dimension to enhance all sorts of applications. Wei Min, Li Ke, An Pengcheng and Ye Feng suggest that Braille could be expressed with the Messizon Smartphone, that maps' topography could be tactile and that games will incorporate texture.