This Mercedes Benz Advertisement Gets Analytically Colorful

 - Feb 23, 2011   Updated: May 5 2011
References: yr & ibelieveinadv
Y&R Interactive in Tel Aviv, Israel struck genius with the recent Mercedes Benz advertisement. The campaign, dubbed 'Left Brain-Right Brain,' analyzes the main differences between the analytical and creative sides of thinking.

Beautifully colorful and wildly imaginative can only begin to describe this campaign, supported by definitions of the left and right brain hemispheres. Unlike others, this Mercedes Benz advertisement is able to target a wide demographic due to its commonality and vivid understanding of pop culture.

Implications - The use of bright, bold colors and imagery has always been an integral strategy in attracting consumers. The vibrancy of an image can create excitement and explosion that monotonic images don't have unless they're powerful in a metaphorical sense. The use of flashy aesthetics and conceptual imagery is a winning combination that shows that advertisements are more than meets the eye.