The Looncup Uses Bluetooth to Send Menstrual Alerts to Smartphones

 - Oct 6, 2015
References: kickstarter & mashable
Period technology has advanced greatly in recent years, with menstruators shifting from tampons and pads to more health-conscious and ecological options like menstrual cups. The brilliant designers behind Looncup are taking this movement even further with the world's first smart menstrual cups.

The Looncup uses a Bluetooth connection to monitor and report menstrual information to the cup's owner. The smartphone connection offers several incredible features to help monitor periods. The Looncup app can offer alerts when menstrual cups need to be emptied, for example. It can also track periods in order to provide reminders when menstruation is going to begin or end. The connected menstrual cups also monitor important health information, detecting changes in menstruation that could potentially indicate health risks and alerting the owner to these warning signs.

Smart menstrual cups are the latest innovation in the powerful movement to give menstruating people more control over their own bodies.