Daren Banarse Improves the Classic Melodica Instrument with 3D Printing

 - Mar 30, 2015
References: youtube & 3dprinting
After finding that there are many limitations to the design of the classic melodica instrument, Daren Banarsë decided to improve upon it himself. Knowing that 3D printing offers a great solution for rapid prototyping, Banarsë took a few classes to become versed in CAD design. Finding that it wasn't easy to grasp, Banarsë instead turned to 3D Alchemy to get assistance on his 3D-printed instrument.

Despite the design being crafted from nylon coated in an acrylic sealant, the wooden elements on the printed melodica make it look handmade. Since the melodica is an instrument that serves as two in one—a piano and a flute—this design improves upon issues that traditionally happen when played, making sure each instrument's sounds are as clear as possible.