The Crowdsourced Medical Videos on ReelDX Act as an Educational Resource

 - Feb 27, 2015
References: reeldx & springwise
Similar to how crowdsourced medical photo apps create a database of health references, this platform for medical videos enable medics to create, store and share educational content with the public. ReelDx also uses crowdsourcing to compile a library of videos of real procedures, patients and conditions.

Described as a "medical YouTube," ReelDx is a site where health professionals can record real cases and upload them to educate others. The medical videos are reviewed by an editorial board of health professionals before getting published. In addition to being peer-reviewed, the platform also has secure HIPAA-compliant servers. Patient privacy is protected as well , with last names, health records and similar information withheld.

Med students and other medical professionals can use the video content to learn and improve their diagnostic skills.