This Medical Tablet from Google Can Withstand Being Cleaned with Chlorine

 - Mar 24, 2015
References: bbc
Developed by Google and groups of technology volunteers, this medical tablet was created to help doctors record medical information relating to Ebola with ease. Since sheets of paper can quickly be contaminated, during the worst phases of Ebola's outbreak doctors could be found shouting notes about patients over secure fences. In order to leverage technology to its full potential, Medecins Sans Frontieres put out a call for a tablet that would streamline the note-taking process.

The result is a tablet that can be used while wearing gloves and even in conditions of bad storms and high humidity. In order to keep the device as sterile as possible, the tablet can also be doused in a solution of 0.5% chlorine, which kills Ebola. While this exposure to chemicals would cause burns to the human skin, the performance of this tough tablet is unaffected.