Mechanical Sympathy Shows the Life and Death of a Reel-To-Tape Recorder

Mechanical Sympathy is a stop-motion short film made by Tom McDermott that shows the life and death of a reel-to-tape recorder. Mechanical Sympathy makes the reel-to-tape recorder seem almost human as you watch it relieve some of the best and worst times of its life while dying in a hospital.

McDermott made Mechanical Sympathy as part of his dissertation which was appropriately titled "Breathing life into an inanimate object using stop motion animation techniques." The entire film took five weeks to make and is comprised of 6,300 photographs. The movie runs around five minutes and is definitely worth a watch. The whole film has a depressing tone, but moments of hilarity do show up such as the reel-to-tape recorder marries a boombox, fathers a Walkman and binge drinks lubricating rubbing alcohol.