This McDonald's Monster Combo is a Boost of Energy with a Burger

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: bloomberg & grubstreet
To beat carb comas before they set in, there is now a McDonald's Monster combo that provides an energy drink with each burger.

McDonald's is currently testing the McDonald's Monster combo at 20 locations. Monster energy drinks are available as a beverage option in any meal combo, rather than the regular fountain soft drink. Since Monster is a Coca Cola product like all of McDonald's other offerings, this won't be a complicated business move for the huge fast food corporation. Plus, Monster's sweet, licorice-like taste may offer a perfect balance to McDonald's savory offerings, just like coke or root beer do.

In addition to being offered as part of the McDonald's Monster combo, there are plans to provide a deal of two for $4 Monster energy drinks at the fast food chain's franchise locations.