The McDonald’s Boombox is Crafted from a Cardboard Drink Tray

 - Jul 31, 2017
References: homecrux
The cardboard drink tray that is used to keep beverages stabilized when you get takeout from a fast food restaurant is usually discarded after use, but the McDonald’s Boombox aims to help encourage you to keep it around. The drink tray works to allow a smartphone of any make or model to be amplified through the unit without requiring any electricity to do so.

The McDonald’s Boombox was created in collaboration with Stacklab, which is the University of Waterloo's Audio Research Group and industrial design company. The limited-edition cardboard drink trays were made exclusively available in Canada at a one-day even that was held at the Woodbine Beach location in Toronto on July 28. The drink trays have no electrical accouterments and are fully recyclable.