The Max Mortl 'Cumulus' Film Takes You for a Wet Ride

 - Jun 26, 2011
References: & vimeo
This Max Mortl 'Cumulus' video may tell a simple narrative, but the animation in the video is anything but simple. As we follow a water droplet's journey from a liquid to a solid and then a gaseous state, Mortl employs animation techniques that are sure to impress amateurs and professionals alike.

The Max Mortl 'Cumulus' video was made for the "Mehr" exhibit of the museum ship Cap San Diego. As drops of water fall out of a faucet, it begins to take on its own life and escapes a sink. It then throws itself onto a stove to turn into vapors before finally forming a cloud over a human character's head and then raining itself away.

Implications - With the proliferation of computer animation in media outlets, consumers are growing tired of overly-produced inorganic graphics. As such, artists are employing stop-motion graphics which hearken back to days when animation required genuine craftsmanship. Corporations looking to convey authenticity to their consumer base may consider marketing campaigns which utilize low-fi graphics.