Matthias Schaller Photographs Old Astronaut Gear Emotively

 - Feb 26, 2012
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Staring at these Matthias Schaller photographs of space suits, viewers are overwhelmed with a sobering sensation as they realize the monumental achievements made in order to send people to the moon. Simply sifting through all the variations in the equipment is enough to make people reflect on how ingenious humans are when they put their minds and efforts towards a worthwhile cause. These images are truly inspirational to those with even a remote shred of interest in science and technology.

Matthias Schaller has had an expansive career as a photographer, and these images are part of a new book he’s releasing which catalogs all of his prior work. His portrait series of astronaut suits is somber, yet calming, due in large part to the black backdrop, which is highly evocative of outer space. Viewers can expect similar breathtaking work in Schaller's book and online portfolio.