foodora's Head of Marketing, Matt Rice, Expands on 2019 Food Trends

 - Dec 18, 2018
References: foodora
The on-demand delivery service foodora has made strides with its innovative approach to business. The company has been vigorously extending itself to all fields of concern, striving to make a strong impact on the community while offering unparallel convenience and access to premium restaurants. From partnering up with organizations like the SickKids Foundation with the hopes of bringing joy to children in hospitals to offering opt-in/opt-out choices for plastic cutlery in the interest of the environment, foodora has definitely been a pioneer of a sustainability-focused and ethical start-up.

At the end of 2018, the company launches its annual food report, outlining possibilities for advancement in the industry and predictions of where the tide is going next. Trend Hunter spoke with Matt Rice -- Head of Marketing at foodora, about the 2019 Food Trends report, what it entails and foodora's plans in the new year.

What value do foodora’s trend reports bring to the company and how strong of a role do they play in decision-making?

Our food trend reports are incredibly important for understanding what the new demands will be for our service. Whether it’s a new type of cuisine or new forms of sustainability practices, we want to be able to proactively take steps towards anticipating and meeting the new trends and demands of our customers, rather than making them bring that information to us.

foodora has surely excelled in the sustainability category. Could you tell us a little bit about the brand’s ethos and its commitment to the cause?

The reality is that every company has to be aware of its sustainability practices in this day and age. There’s so much information out there about sustainability, and foodora does everything we can to minimize our footprint. Whether it be cutlery, packaging, or bike couriers where possible, foodora is constantly looking at ways to cut down on our carbon footprint and plastic usage while maintaining efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How does foodora vet and choose the restaurants and businesses it partners with?

As a company, foodora’s biggest considerations are consistency and quality. Whenever we evaluate a potential partnership, we want to make sure that the restaurant can make the food orders in a timely manner, and that they aren’t sacrificing quality of product to do so. We always want our customers to be getting 100 percent out of their food and ordering experience.

In terms of Culinary Exploration, what are some authentic cuisine businesses that are a must-try and why?

Caribbean cuisine is a must-try for culinary exploration. Roywoods’ jerk chicken is foodora’s recommendation to the Toronto foodies out there who love rich and flavourful tastes. Lloydies in Montreal is also a new, trendy spot that serves delicious sandwiches and classic rice & bean plates! Additionally, we are partnered with restaurants such as Japadog in Vancouver who experiment with using traditional Japanese flavors on classic hot dogs. The list goes on - the art of combining unexpected flavours is not something to be missed!

The company launched a partnership with 7-Eleven in October 2018. Could you expand on consumer response to the service and why you decided to launch it?

Our collaboration with 7-Eleven came from a hope that we could make our customers’ lives as convenient as possible. With 7-Eleven, we’re able to offer more than just cuisine, adding in everyday necessities and household essentials, and we’re still able to offer great food and drink options, like the Slurpee.

Any new launches/developments to look out for in the New Year?

Well, we’re always looking for new ways to engage with our customers and align ourselves with fun, interesting brands. Going into 2019, I think it’s safe to say we’ll continue to find collaborative opportunities to bring some new, fun elements to our customers.