Matt Henry Captures Retro Red, White and Blue Culture

Matt Henry is a UK-based photographer with a mystifying mastery for minimalism and tone. He works with muted tones and complex composition to create narrative fiction within a still life photograph. His fascination with the 1950s and 1960s is evident within his retro pieces, emphasized by an obsession with American consumerism culture. Henry wrestles with the nostalgia often evoked by his work. He was born after the eras that spark his passion, and considers his work a form of cultural escapism.

Vintage living is made mystical through Henry's artistic vision. The golden age collection features the cliche favourites of American culture: apple pie, beer and Elvis. The way in which Henry unites simple concept with complex narration of vintage appeal is engaging and memorable.

The artist says of his inspiration, "It was an age in which the forces of tradition and conservatism fought head to head with the ever-increasing voices of liberal revolution."