The 'I Ate Some Pie...' Uses Math Equations to Spell Out Puns

 - May 31, 2016
References: amazon & 7gadgets
Catering to math lovers is the 'I Ate Some Pie..' mug that cleverly makes use of math equations to create comical puns. The mug is of classic ceramic make and features a pun spelled out using formulas that consumers familiar with will be able to decipher. Together, the equations spell out a funny sentence that is sure to make any math fan laugh.

The mug utilizes a variety of math terminology and numbers to spell out a sentence. Using a mixture of numbers and symbols, the first part of the sentence spells out 'I ate Some Pie' while the bottom part spells out '... and it was delicious!' Consumers can use the formulas to spell out the sentence and have fun making friends do the same.