The Match Candle Can Be Stricken, Lit and Inserted Straight into Dessert

 - Nov 12, 2013
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It isn't as if lighting a candle has too many complex steps, but the Match Candle really is a delightful concept! Submitted as an entry that ended up winning a 2013 Red Dot Design Award, this prospective product brings efficiency to decorating a birthday cake.

Cui Zehao, Hu Chuan, Chen Xing, Zhang Wei, Yang Fan and Zhao Xiaoshen worked with the Ningbo Coor Design & Manufacture Company on project. It comprises a plastic matchbox with a durable strike strip of red phosphorus, on which you can set flame to tips made of sulfur, chlorate, manganese dioxide and glass powder. The main body of the matchsticks is much thicker than usual. It's actually modeled on the striped and colorful birthday candle so that the Match Candles can be placed directly onto a cake.