The Master Lock Key Box Grants Access Based on Nearby Smartphones

 - Jul 4, 2017
References: & digitaltrends
In the past, giving multiple people access to the same set of keys required a leap faith by leaving keys in a goofy hiding spot or, even worse, under the welcome mat, but the Master Lock key box uses technology to make shared keys a more trustworthy process. Users can manage who has access to the Bluetooth-connected box through the Master Lock app, ensuring that only the right people can get their hands on the spare.

Many houses might need to provide multiple people access to a spare key. A maid, a dog-walker, a babysitter, and other trusted individuals need to get into the house, but it's an excessive exercise in trust to give each person their own set of keys. The Master Lock key box can sense approved smartphones through Bluetooth, meaning that the right people can get access to it all on their own, without the need to even provide them with a key code.