Masciangelo Design Inc. Womens Lookbook Caters to the Urban Professional

The Masciangelo Design Inc.'s Womens lookbook appeals to the highly underrepresented fashion needs of professional women everywhere.

The bespoke nature of the line is perhaps its most impressive feature. "People commonly associate bespoke as a service specifically reserved for men, but that’s not true. Women have even more alterations to consider than men, making it crucial for them to seek the services of a bespoke clothier," explained CEO Matthew Masciangelo.

Masciangelo wants to fill the void in bespoke clothing services for women. The line is committed to fine craftsmanship and materials, and offers powerful head-turning options such as the 'I Mean Business' pinstripe suit, the 'All Eyes On Me' statement suit and the deal-closing 'Persuasive' navy suit.