Martín De Pasquale Takes Us For A Zip Down the Tracks

 - Sep 16, 2013
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Art Director Martín De Pasquale creates surreal landscapes where trains are no longer using the railroads. His piece titled ‘Zipper’ exhibits giant zippers peeling apart the railroad tracks.

Within the images, a quiet country setting is used in order to give the photos an ordinary feel to them. Lurking in the background is a giant zipper waiting to unveil a new setting to the audience. The zipper is seen destroying the luscious grass and farmlands with dull soil and skies beneath.

The zippers act as the destructive force within the photo showing how easy it is to destroy farmland and other precious landscapes on our earth. With the pull of a zipper, an apocalyptic world is revealed. Martín De Pasquale’s works are clever and surreal.