Martin Andersen Uses Heliostats to Bring Light to a Small Norwegian Town

 - Oct 29, 2013
References: theguardian & dvice
Martin Andersen is a Norwegian artist who has brought sun back to the winter town of Rjukan. Rjukan is a small town in southern Norway that receives no direct sunlight during winter. To combat this problem, Andersen installed giant mirrors on the mountainside near the town.

The mountains surrounding the town normally block out the sun during the winter. Andersen's heliostats reflect the sunlight from atop the mountain and down into the town below. The result is natural sunlight throughout the window for the first time in history. The heliostats are powered by the sun and are programmed to track the sun so as to be as efficient as possible. Martin Andersen's art project was created to boost the winter blues (seasonal depression) commonly associated with a lack of sunlight during the winter.