Marten Wallgren's Bike Design Rides, Powers and Transports

 - Jul 28, 2009
References: martenwallgren.blogspot & dvice
Buckle up ladies and gentlemen because this bike design will blow you away. Marten Wallgreen’s bicycle design (unnamed) has three major features that contribute to its high standing (in my eyes).

First off, it’s a bike. You can ride it wherever you go. Due to the pedaling that you’re engaged it, the bike is charged to later work as an electrical scooter (you know, incase you get tired.) Also, the bicycle design does not release harmful emission, so you’re helping preserve the environment. Lastly, there is a second idea of a bus made to store the bikes as another travel method.

The bus will act as a charging dock so when the time comes (to get off the bus), you have more options.