The Mars One Mission Will Televise the Colonization of the Planet

 - Jun 7, 2012
References: mars-one & gizmag
The first humans to attempt to create a settlement on the Red Planet will be selected from a panel of judges in a Mars One sponsored reality show -- seriously.

Backed by Paul Römer, the co-creator of the reality television sensation Big Brother, the project is geared toward training four lucky astronauts that will eventually be hurled into outer space for a seven month colonization project. The entire experience will be televised, from the training sessions and contest phases to the winners' arrival on the foreign planet.

After competing on live T.V. to determine who is the best suited for Martian life, the winners will be issued a one-way ticket to Mars where they will share the trials and tribulations of a dramatic existence in a land far, far away to an audience back on Earth.