The Mark Meyers Photography Captures Life in Alaska

 - Jan 2, 2013
References: photo-mark & mymodernmet
The Mark Meyers photography is centered around his personal experience with nature. The photo series 'An Alaska Window' is literally a glimpse into the world that surrounds Meyers at his Alaskan cabin.

This mountain man photography captures nature in a raw fashion and unveils the natural beauty of winter and its ever-changing temperatures. The photographs are minimalist, features the frost and snow and are filled with natural light and shadows. Mark's pieces expose nature, the elements and his personal connection the expansive landscape of Alaska. Not everyone could handle such harsh winters or appreciate the survival nature of the North, but those who do develop a deep rooted relationship with their environment and human existence.

Mark Meyers photography is captivating and full of breath-taking shots that will compel anyone to reconnect with nature.