Maria Menshikova Paints Photogenic Females in a Variety of Moods

 - Nov 26, 2011
References: maria-menshikova.deviantart &
The female form is endlessly interesting to illustrate, which may be why Maria Menshikova primarily uses adolescent girls and young lasses as her primary muses. But just because she mainly paints ladies doesn't mean she restricts herself to one set particular style. Found throughout her gallery is a myriad of women depicted in both hyperrealistic and cartoon-like methods. She's truly a talented and versatile artist.

Maria Menshikova is a Russian illustrator whose aesthetic style is heavily influenced by Japanese anime. You can see it in the exaggerated proportions in her characters' eyes, noses and anatomy, not that anyone's complaining.

Another notable quality about these Maria Menshikova illustrations is that many of her pictures feature light sources that emanate from behind her subjects, giving her final paintings an ethereal dreamlike quality to them.