Marcia Baldwin Paints Horses as Beautiful & Spiritual Creatures

 - Jul 25, 2012
References: facebook & cuded
I have never thought of horses as spiritual creatures until I laid eyes on Marcia Baldwin's paintings. She’s able to render mustangs with remarkable technique, making each subject appear otherworldly with their beauty. Also remarkable is the fact that Baldwin is able to depict horses in such varied manners. Expect to see some adorned with feathers and tribal paint, ones with golden locks reminiscent of human hair and even some comprised of prismatic colors.

Those impressed with Marcia Baldwin should know that the talented painter has honed her skills for nearly 40 years. She has both a BFA and an MFA in the arts and continues to produce stunning images using oil paints. If you are looking to get one of these majestic paintings for yourself, you'll be happy to learn Baldwin welcomes all commissions.