The ‘Ink Mapping’ Project Transforms Existing Tattoos Into Animated Art

 - Oct 27, 2015
References: sploid.gizmodo & designtaxi
‘Oskar & Gaspar’ created the ‘Ink Mapping’ project, which allowed the team to animate and enhance people’s existing tattoos. This project was made possible through the use of a projector.

The tattooed subjects would stand in front of a projector with their tattoos fully exposed. When the lights were turned off, the projector would use the subject’s body as a TV screen. Each tattoo on the subject’s body would explode with animated motions and movements. Additionally, new tattoos would appear with the help of the projector. For example, one subject had the outline of a star tattooed on their arm. The projector was used to illuminate the star and reveal a psychedelic and starry scene on their body.

The Ink Mapping project was "filmed at the world’s first live tattoo video mapping event held in Lisbon this year without the use of post-production video effects."