This Device Provides a Tactile Way for Users to Map Out a Route

 - Sep 9, 2015
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'BrAInfu' is a GPS-equipped device that provides an innovative way for users to map out a route. As smart devices have become ingrained in daily life, consumers have largely allowed technology to replace our innate sense of spatial orientation. This device causes us to reconsider our dependence on technology by rethinking the way we travel to and from different destinations.

The device was designed by Sara Vrbinc and it consists of a series of GPS-equipped marbles. One marble marks where the user is, while the other rolls in the direction they wish to travel. The movement of the marble provides visual and tactile clues for the user to map out a route to their destination. Not only does the device help a user figure out which direction to go, but it also supports learning and spatial awareness. As Vrbinc explains, "interaction with familiar objects in an unfamiliar way supports learning. Tangibility engages all senses and activates memorization."

The GPS-equipped marbles ultimately provide a way for consumers to use new technology without becoming dependent on it.