The Map of Life Highlights Where Certain Animals Live in the World

 - May 21, 2012
References: & gizmag
Keeping tabs on where one's favorite animal is hanging out or ensuring that one's chosen hiking trail isn't ripe with predators is easily achievable with the Map of Life.

Operating on a Google Maps platform, the online atlas locates and lists all of the species that reside in the area chosen by the user.
So far, there are two searchable options and users can either click on a specific region and receive data on the wildlife residing there, or they can seek out a particular animal and have the program generate their habitats online.

The virtual database was compiled from a collection of sources including observations from scientific research as well as museums and regional checklists. While the features are limited at present, and does not include a complete listing of all the Earth's species, plans are in the works to expand in the future.