Manga Bible by Siku

 - Jan 8, 2008
References: activeanime
Holy Graphic Novel! Following the surprising success of a preview version last year, Doubleday has created a sensation with its daring makeover of the most important book ever published â€" the Bible in graphic novel format. The Manga Bible features the art of acclaimed comic book artist Siku, whose work has graced the pages of Marvel and 2000AD.

The updated language and breakneck pace take readers through the thousands of years of history in the style typical of manga literature, from the use of flashback at the start (Moses as storyteller to the children of Israel, with the desert as backdrop) to the confrontation of Christ and Satan (set in Gotham itself, New York City).

It was only a matter of time â€" and I'm surprised this epic work of wars and calamities, super heroic figures, doomed lovers, and bearded prophets hasn't been manga-fied much sooner. No less than Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is a fan.