The 'Who Has The Most to Fear: Man or Shark?' Graph is Funny

 - Jun 8, 2012
Thanks to the 'Who Has the Most to Fear: Man or Shark?' infograph, it can be determined that hot dogs kill 14 times more people on a yearly basis worldwide than sharks. This seems ridiculous of course, but the reason that shark attacks are always heard about is because they are so uncommon. So for the five shark attacks that kill people per year, almost all of them are widely reported, perpetuating the myth that sharks are the deadliest thing to fear in the ocean.

In the animal kingdom alone, leaving aside man's role in his own demise, mosquitoes are by far the greatest threat to humans as they can carry disease. Following those pesky insects are venomous snakes and scorpions that are easily stepped on, hippos that charge and massacre, and finally crocodiles that are easily disguised in swamp water. When you look at the Man or Shark information, the realization is simple: man causes far more damage to himself than any shark ever could.